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Coming from a dance background, I have always been fascinated with movement of the body, but yoga has brought that to a deeper level for me. The bodily awareness I have gained from yoga has improved my life in so many ways, both mentally and physically.

I am very inspired by yogic philosophy, and fascinated by it's rich history. Specifically, the yamas and niyamas have helped me to reflect on aspects of daily life, and contribute to a deeper awareness of how I move through the world and affect others.


I believe that living consciously is vital for the well-being of people and the planet, and I choose yoga as my path to well being. I am eager to share it with those who show an interest and plant the seeds for those who haven't discovered it yet.


In my yoga lessons I want to introduce some yoga philosophy to people who are new to yoga, in a gradual and considered approach. As well as allowing students to explore movement and discover their breath, they will experience some aspects of relaxation and meditation.


  • BWY Progression Course to Diploma (with Lucie Landau & Joanna Fiakkas)

  • TSYP Vedic Chanting Foundation Course (with Sarah Waterford)

  • BWY module: Teaching Yoga to Children and Teens (with Christiane Kerr)

  • BWY Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (with Tarik Dervish & Cathy-Mae Karelse)

  • BWY Foundation Course (with Cora Kemball-Cook & Lina Newstead)

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