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My goals for 'Exploring Yoga'

Updated: May 12, 2021

I have two main reasons for starting to teach these beginner hatha yoga classes and creating this website and blog:

To explore yoga for myself and to efficiently share with others what I have found.

I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my understanding of yoga, with the view to teaching. But, like anything, the more I learn, the more I realise how much there is to learn. I feel I am perpetually at the beginning.

The history, culture, philosophy and current state of yoga is a really big topic, that I find intriguing. It is an ancient philosophy and practice which has evolved and, in some ways, been hijacked, but still holds a place now in this extremely different world. Both the ancient original philosophies and rituals, and the ever changing form of yoga seems to be meeting a need of the western secular world, that nothing else fulfils.

In my blog I want to explore both sides of this- the yearning for spirituality verses the very real potential for cultural appropriation - as well specific parts of yoga that interest me most, or that I have the most questions about.

In my classes I hope to welcome anyone of any background to a casual, accessible class. I want to explore all the basic postures so that my students will gain a full understanding of their own range of motion and potential in each pose. They will understand how to get into and out of each posture safely.

I believe in the power of the breath to connect one to their body and the present moment. Students will become aware of a new way to breathe, which will help them in the postures.

I hope that the new focus on breath, as well as increased bodily awareness, will aid my students both on and off the mat.

For students who have done yoga before, I hope you enjoy the time and attention spent on these postures and gain a deeper insight into the mechanics and the breath.

Importantly for me, is that I want this class to be accessible to anyone. I am aware that this greatly beneficial practice has become monetised and somewhat elitist. Obviously yoga teachers have invested in training and incur other costs, so this is a tricky subject which I want to explore further later. Without meaning to step on the toes of fellow local yoga teachers, I offer my classes on a donation basis.

If any of this resonates or if you are interested in coming along, do get in contact- I'd be very happy to hear from you!

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